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The Mauser KAR 98K Carbine

The 98K or K98, as it is often referred to... is one of the most popular mauser rifles. It is the carbine version of the Gew 98 style rifle, designed to be a shorter more easily handled rifle for the calvary. It was first seen in WW1 in limited numbers and was the most common rifle in WW2 used by the German military. While there are a few variations in the marketplace, they are all very similar. Models in good condition with matching serials and nazi markings are in high demand. Otherwise, the 98K is very common and can be found in various conditions for less than $75. Original accessories such as Slings and scopes are in high demand, but reproductions are available to save money.

Some of the variations include the 48A/B which are simply the Yugoslavian model of the 98K. After the Germans were defeated, the Yugoslavians kept the machine tools and factories the nazis had setup in their country. The Germans had enslaved many of the Yugoslavians to work in these factories producing the 98K for their troops. In 1948 the Yugoslavians were going to build an arsenal in case they had to defend themselves against the Germans again in coming years. This of course, never happened and many of these rifles were never issued to troops and sat in arsenal storage until recent years. They have been available in the U.S. since the mid to late 1990's. They usually come in the arsenal box with Cosmolean grease still covering the parts. They often come with bayonet, sling, ammo pouch and cleaning kits for around $150 - $300. The Mauser 48A is the model 98K with Yugoslavian markings.

How to Field Strip the Mauser K-98 Rifle: PDF 4MB