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  Model 1910 Pocket Pistol

The pocket pistol series includes the Model 1910, Model 1914, and Model 1934. They are very similar to each other with differences of caliber and small features such as the shape of the grips. There are also other rare variants such as the Model 1912-14, which were experimental and did not go into production. These pistols are fairly common yet uniquely well made, well finished compact pistols.

The Model 1910 is a 6.35 caliber (25 Auto ACP), grips can be black plastic ("Franzite"), hard rubber or checkered wood wrap around grip. A few examples were factory nickel finish which are worth slightly more, but beware of after market "Chrome" finishes applied over the original bluing.

The model 1910 designation is often used to describe different models. The model 1910's produced between 1911 and July 1913 had a latch on the side for breakdown and are known as 'side latch' or 'first' models. A modified version of this gun was introduced in 1914, still in 6.35mm, without the latch. This gun is often called a 'neues model' or 'second model' 1910. Slight changes were made to the model 1910 in 1914 including an added feature that holds open the receiver after the last shot is fired. Some people may refer to this as the model 1910/14.

A complete take down instructions manual and exploded part diagram is available on Marstar Canada's website at: http://www.marstar.ca/AssemblyMauser1910PP.htm. This is a wonderful site that also supplies replacement parts.

For a great guide to the Model 1910/14 & 1934 variations, read this article provided by Burgess Mason, that includes some great photographs to illustrate the variations. READ ARTICLE (PDF format)

Author / collector, A. Winthrop has provided an introduction to Mauser Pocket pistols. See the author's full pocket pistol article HERE (PDF).

FIELDSTRIPPING the 1910: A quick guide (1.11MB Jpeg)