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The pocket pistol series includes the Model 1910, Model 1914, and Model 1934. They are very similar to each other with differences of caliber and small features such as the shape of the grips or caliber. There are also other rare variants such as the Model 1912-14, which were experimental and did not go into production. These pistols are fairly common yet uniquely well made compact pistols and are quite good for conceal carry or as a backup pistol. Some examples with particular military markings are highly desirable and are fairly expensive.

The Model 1934 is a very similar to the Model 1914 with a few minor changes including ergonomics. This model also chambered the caliber is 7.65 caliber (.32 ACP) and has an 8 round magazine. On the Model 1934 the serial number is in a milled out panel on the front left side of the slide. The model 1914 is not recessed. Also notice the curved back of the one piece grip. This curved back of the grip is one way to distinguish between the Model 1914 (which has a slightly more straight backed grip) and the Model 1934. The model 1934 was later replaced by the HSc in approx. 1941 for military sidearm use.

For a great guide to the Model 1910/14 & 1934 variations, read this article provided by Burgess Mason, that includes some great photographs to illustrate the variations. READ ARTICLE (PDF format)

Author / collector, A. Winthrop has provided an introduction to Mauser Pocket pistols. See the author's full pocket pistol article HERE (PDF).